Yes, this is my full time job…


Deciding to become a master of ceremonies for weddings is not your typical career choice.  And by any means, it wasn’t the one Rod originally set out to do.

While attending Oklahoma State University, Rod met some DJs in the Stillwater market that were performing groundbreaking club mixes.  A chance encounter in biology lab with one of the DJs led to Rod tagging along, just out of curiosity.  He hit it off with these young and talented DJs, and started learning.  Pat Johson, one of these stars, was a New York DJ…and taught Rod mixing skills, while Dave Harris showed him the ropes of working the crowd and going to whatever length to keep a client happy.  It was a brilliant match.

After graduating with an advertising degree, Rod figured his ‘real job’ would supplant his DJ’ing.  But after a friend asked him to perform a wedding reception, he quickly realized his college love was actually his true love.

Rod performed receptions ‘on the side’ while in the advertising field, for fear that he would burn out.  He never wanted to quit loving DJing. But Rod burned out in the advertising field, so he DJ’d full time in the interim to cover expenses.  Rod burned out of three other disciplines before realizing maybe he was running away from his one true love the entire time.

So, in 2009…he decided to make this his full time venture.  Low on funds from the real estate crash, he worked a day job while putting together business plans, marketing plans, websites, networking…and whatever hustle was necessary to get better.  He aggressively worked every event he possibly could to improve his skills while saving the money needed to leave the daytime job.  He made the angst filled leap to full time…and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

It’s been a meteoric ride to being considered one of DFW’s premier wedding DJs, and he backs it up with awards and appearing on planners and vendors “go to” lists as a “must book.”

Now Rod mentors aspiring DFW DJs, and gives back to the industry wherever he can.  It’s been a tough climb, one that continues to this day.  He maintains the underdog ‘chip on his shoulder’ to be better.  And in the meantime, has made some wonderful and amazing industry allies along the way.

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